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Forgive me for wasting your time.

I couldn't take it anymore.

He kept me waiting.

I'm sneaky.

They smiled at you.

Japan is an industrial nation.

We slept in a very small tent.

Mr. White is doing very well so far.

Can we turn on the air conditioning?

Alessia's homework are very difficult.

Sorry I couldn't come over yesterday. Something came up.

She's not answering the phone either.

Tell Jerald to help Harmon.

I'd have to agree with that.

My advice would be to leave as soon as you can.


The sight of fresh lobster gave me an appetite.

She is singing with a guitar.

There's something wrong with Jerome.

Did you say you had a fight with Kirsten?

Terri and Juergen knew each other.


Rolfe is good at both French and English.

Leila asked for money.

This woman is more than eighty years old.

This is Kriton's bicycle.

He was my student. Now he teaches my children.


Antony was on vacation.

The garden needs to be weeded.

Do you have any bait?

The vase burst into fragments.

Can you come at ten on May second?

I want to warn Clare.

Call 1-800-828-6322 for more information.

Carl Sagan gathered information about our planet onto a disk and sent it into space, so that other intelligent beings would find it.

I think she was planning to go visit her mother who is in the hospital.

Following intensive discussions over the past few weeks we now seem to have found a way of defusing this issue.

She wrote a letter to herself.


He is well advanced in life.


Manny works on commission.

He is Taro's brother.

The question is perhaps too complex for you.

Mac always had a back up plan.

Between them, India and Brazil produce over half the world's papaya.

The plan has been generally accepted.

What was it made of?

I don't believe that for a minute.

Michelle loves going to the spa.

Let's dance till the break of dawn!

I wanted you to see Sean one last time.

I've been to the brink of total oblivion.

French words like "vin" give Americans trouble; but "meringue," a valuable clue, falls trippingly from the tongue.


Magnus was really popular.

I thought I was losing my sanity.

Did you invite them to dinner?

So you'll do it?

He knows the area like the back of his hand.

We have strict rules.

Humans are very poor random number generators. If you ask someone to pick a number from 1 to 4, they'll usually pick 3.


Put the suitcases carefully on the rack.

Is there anything important?

I was just going to say that.

Every day, you show up late. That really says a lot about your work ethic, Curtis.

I'm a regular at this gym.

Rajarshi isn't able to do that.

I haven't seen you for so long!


I did not expect it to be that big.

Would you be willing to write a letter for me?

The first course is soup.

I had some bad breaks.

"What happened?" "The car broke down."


Volkswagen's diesel cars emit as much as 40 times more polluants as they are allowed under the Clean air act rules.

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Do we need to do anything else?

Saturn has at least 53 moons. Some of these moons orbit the planet within the rings, creating gaps in the rings.

I was disillusioned at her private life.


Who invented the clipboard?

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Ecstasy is a stimulant type of drug.

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They won't be shot.

We don't think it's serious.

I think it would be more fun to go together.

"Fernando, we're racing Massa behind until the end." "Ha! I love your sense of humour." "Well, we can have some fun trying, anyway."

The whole world loves Brazil.

That's a good reason.

The law is the same for everyone.


Are you picking me up at 7 tomorrow morning?


Ed's horse reared suddenly and threw him.

I gave them a ride.

I am not in a hurry.


How are you going to stop her?


I told you to stop doing that.

When have I ever lied to you?

Where is the journey taking us?


Manavendra likes singing.

The couple carved their initials into the oak tree.

They trust us.

I have booked a table for four.

Anabolic steroids are banned by the International Olympic Committee.


Kit can't be held responsible for this.

That's as it should be.

What made you change your mind all of a sudden?

The door opened and a man came out.

We'll do something.

Put the book where you found it.

I need to send some letters.

He had thought to marry her.

My spouse and I were visiting the farmer.

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Clem's new shirt shrunk when he washed it and now it doesn't fit.


How can I know if a girl likes me?

Those doors should be closed.

After being exposed to a large amount of radiation, vomiting and diarrhea will start quickly.

That is undoubtedly a success.

If you can't come, please let me know ahead of time.


Who'd believe your story?

It happened before I met her.

You completely ignored me.

Dan was killed just two days before the trial began.

Brazil borders ten countries as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

Snow hares have a nice fur.

I never gave you my name.

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We're not trying to make amends.

What do you have to do with this matter?

Finally she gave in to temptation and ate the whole cake.

You said that you were planning on going with us.

These beams will not carry the weight of the roof.

Most accidents, after all, happen around the corner, not in the rainforest.

I just discovered this website and I think it's fantastic!

The patient is doing well.

Do I need another reason?


A true friend would not betray you.

The box contains 20 units.

If only she had been home when I called yesterday.

She advised him to tell his girlfriend that he loved her.

Want of sleep injures our health.

She is at church right now.

Troy maxed out his three credit cards and had to take out a high interest loan to pay them off.

They will not stand for such treatment.

Can I copy your notes?


We need to find another way to make ends meet.

I forgot my phone at the meeting room.

He is very much interested in Japanese history. We are surprised at his vast knowledge of the subject.

I've spent all my money.

I need to get something out of my briefcase.

I know that Rudy's upset.

War is not 'the best way of settling differences; it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you.

I can't get this silly tune out of my head!

Ji didn't want to come here, but he came anyway.


There is a smile on her face now.


Over the past 50 years, American and Soviet scientists have utilized the animal world for testing.


If you get sleepy, let me know.

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Let's have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride the stationary bicycle.


The water comes straight from the glacier.

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Tell Terrance I don't need his help.

I plan to go to the movies.

We have to get rid of him.

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You are - do not be angry, please - a strange communist.

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We'd given Fay up for lost.

The coffee is brewing.

Are you sure they can do that?

What's really going on around here?

I'm afraid I have to refuse.

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No matter which road you follow, the drive to town won't take you more than twenty minutes.

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Isaac Newton died a virgin.


I've asked him to help us.

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We know health care is expensive.